What an Adventure

Hey guys I just want to say thank you for letting me share such an adventure with you all. I know I didnt get to swim much but I got to share in your pain and achievements every day as an observer especially on the frustratng Day 2

I have been fortunate to swim around the world and this swim will be hard to beat, the organisers Rondi and David, the support boat Launch 5, to Sean and Tom who I spent alot of time with and you crazy brave kayakers, day after day your priority was always about the  swimmers making this swim `top notch in my book’.

To all the swimmers great to meet you and if you ever what an adventure in NZ waters let me know I’ll be free.

To Mo ` where are you’ hope you have stopped swimming theres no more bridges, see you in NZ for Cook Strait.

This is Tail End Charlie Saying Thank You and Good Bye