Christmas in June

It’s been like Christmas around here lately. I know, it’s usually cold at Christmas, though not where I am from. Fun packages have been arriving via UPS, with more to come.

++ Last week, boxes and boxes of GU Energy Labs chomps and gu arrived at David’s work. I can’t wait to try some of the new flavors they sent such as peach.
++ Yesterday, a big box of Blueseventy swimsuits arrived at my apartment. And there are Blueseventy goggles and caps on the way as I write.
++ Keen Footwear has given pairs of shoes to many of our volunteers, and there are Keen socks for the schwag bags.
++ The New York State Bridge Authority have been incredibly generous to the swim. At the crack of dawn every morning they will be busing all of the participants from the meeting point at the finish, to the start of the event.
++ Tara Sullivan at the Bridge Authority introduced us to Scenic Hudson who are generously providing gifts to the winner of every stage.
++ We’ll also be hoping for a visit from the Riverkeeper boat and the water quality testing program folks during the swim.
++ Last but not least, the  Hudson River Maritime Museum at Kingston are allowing our boats to dock at their marina in Roundout Creek for two nights.

It’s been great to have the support of so many organizations that we really admire and value. Thank you!