The Stage 4 line-up

We have our biggest line up today for Stage 4 with eight swimmers coming from all over the area:
Suzanne Sataline from Brooklyn
Eli Falcon from Brooklyn
John Reagan from Slingerlands
Martin Turecky from Delmar
Mary Kavaney from Glenmont
Willie Miller from New Paltz
Rondi Davies from New York
Grace van der Byl from Solana Beach, CA

Splash time is at 9 am under the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge. Swimmers will take a scenic route right past Dennings Point, Bannerman’s Island (and Castle), past the fjord-like Hudson Highlands, through the deep winding bends of the Devils Playground, past West Point and onto the Bear Mountain Bridge.

Winds will be WSW from 5 to 10 mph which will create head and crosswinds. Air temps. will be in the 90s. Swim distance is 15.0 miles.

The swim course for Stage 4